I don’t know if anyone popped over on Elisa’s link to the article about UrbanBaby, but it had some real gems. According to the reporter, no matter who you are or what your stance is on any given parenting topic, the anonymous New York moms on UrbanBaby are gonna slice and dice you. And maybe…just […] Continue reading

Between working and parenting, I don’t have time to read books about working mothers vs. the stay-at-home variety. So what I do instead is read articles and reviews about such books, and then I read letters to the editor blasting those articles, and the reviewer striking back. I imagine it’s almost as good as reading […] Continue reading

A recent article in the NYTimes compiles the latest research on teen drinking, and it paints a chilling picture. Up till now, my fears for my own child’s future partying have centered around the classic situational dangers: driving drunk, having unprotected sex, drowning. In short, dangers that can be “contained” if the drinking is done […] Continue reading

You gotta fight for your right to nurse next to a rack of hot pink beaded thongs! This Saturday, July 1 at 1PM, a Nurse-In is to take place at Victoria’s Secret stores nationwide. The milkfest is being staged to protest incidents that occurred at various Victoria’s Secret stores, during which unenlightened sales gals prevented […] Continue reading