Not to pile on the wet blankets, but these sociologists found that parents report significantly higher levels of depression than nonparents. It’s not just the wear and tear of having an infant, Evenson and Simon find. Parents are more depressed than nonparents: –Even when their kids have grown and left home –Even when they do […] Continue reading

Reading a review of the new Curious George movie, I was surprised to learn of the creators’ backstory. Writer and illustrator couple Margret and Hans Rey were German Jews from Hamburg who settled in France in 1935. …Before the first Curious George manuscript could see light, the Reys had to flee Paris on homemade bicycles […] Continue reading

A neighbor’s dog punctured my son’s favorite ball in the park. As recompense, the kindly woman, who worked at the local library’s donation center, gave my son a book, The Travels of Babar. My husband and I jokingly refer to it as “Babar, the Racist, Imperial Elephant.” Babar and his companion, Celeste, find themselves marooned […] Continue reading