Are men smarter?

September 8, 2006

Editor’s Note: Oh no, someone else is addicted to the trashy news on MSN! Run while you can, Minnmom! Seriously, I’d file this under entertainment along with my People magazine. Ha! -Elisa

OK, excuse me while I pick myself up off the floor.  I fell off while laughing. Anyhoo, I just read about this study (…)that shows men are an average of 3.6 IQ point smarter than women across the board.

My reaction:

A whole 3.6 points??  WOW! That’s HUGE!!!  No wait, it isn’t.  

Who does it matter? Any any given point in time, we are comparing, at most, two or maybe three people’s intelligence. And that comparison will always depend on the individual, not their respective genders.  For example, when comparing yourself to your spouse, or comparing candidates for a job, it always comes down to individuals.

IQ, especially in increments of 3 or four points, has very little to do with success in life. Or worthiness of a human being.  So frankly, I’m not sure what the value of this study is.  Except for making men feel better about being the less biologically essential of the species.

Oh, just kidding.

Thought this was interesting and wanted to post about it.  I’m a chatty cathy these days!

So, who’s smarter?  Men or women?  More important, you or your spouse/SO?