Another Introduction

February 20, 2006

I hope MotherTalkers grows into a thriving community. I’m a Bay Area activist/litigator who became a single mother later in life. I have boy/girl twins about to turn three. We are in the process of toilet training, speaking in full sentences for the first time, tantrums, and other assorted goofiness…… More below the fold.

Since 2003, we’ve gone from

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to this

with lots of grey hairs and one blown knee in the process.  Me, not the kids.

I also make my living as a housing and land use activist/lawyer representing mostly low income people (and many seniors within that group). It’s an interesting way to make a living. I’ll never get rich, but I love what I do and feel very lucky to be able to help people who need me.

How that interacts with the two who need me at home is another issue.  Strange as it sounds, we’re still finding our legs.  I have to say I’m more comfortable now than I was during their first year.  I tell friends that raising two three-year-olds makes me nostalgic for the newborn sleep deprivation days.  They are a lot more work now than then.  But I’m having more fun now. I sob less, laugh more (that’s only partly a joke).  

Anyway, I’m excited about finding MotherTalkers and I’m glad to see it Scoop. Congratulations and thanks for starting this up. And, by the way, I started a blog, feel free to drop in. Thanks and good to meet you.