another 'nother introduction

February 21, 2006

I was so excited to see this MotherTalkers site.  Many many years ago, before the internet, 21 years to be exact, I was a stay-at-home mom in Phoenix, Arizona. I felt old to be a mother at 30. I was away from my family, and my professional friends without children could not really relate. So with the help of the Mother Center Development Project, I began a mother’s center in Phoenix. We called it “Mother to Mother”. The city’s paper ran a story on us and I started getting about 100 phone calls a day from other mothers who wanted to talk.

We wanted to talk about babies and birthing and potty training, but also about advocacy for mothers and families and women’s rights and how to make the world better for these marvelous miracles for whom we were now responsible.

We leaned on one another. We learned about child development. We got some things changed. We made wonderful life long friends and our children grew up.

My son is now 22. Along the way, I became a United Methodist Minister and live in D.C.  But at heart, I am first and foremost a mother.  I weep with anger when I go to Walter Reed Army Hospital and see soldiers my son’s age with missing arms and legs.  I still fight for mothers and children and women’s rights.  And I still love to hold babies in my arms.  

How wonderful that now you have this way to communicate with each other on the world wide level. Mothers talking to mothers may just be the best hope for our future.  I’ll be reading and rooting for you