A non-parent's introduction to Mother Talkers

June 19, 2006

Hi, Mother Talkers,

Please allow me to (re-)introduce myself. I met some of you at Elisa’s Mother Talkers Caucus at YearlyKos. As a non-parent, I felt like a fish out of water, similar to my experiences of being a straight person in the LGBT Caucus and a Jewish Atheist in Pastor Dan’s moving service. Despite my being an “outsider,” you welcomed me into your discussion and treated my opinions with respect, and I appreciated that. (Same with the LGBTs and the worship service.) I suppose I shouldn’t be surprised, though, because it was YearlyKos, after all!

I was happy to see Elisa again, after having met her at a Crashing the Gate party in San Francisco back in April. I also enjoyed meeting biscobosco and Christina, among others. (I’m sorry; I’m not very good with names.) And I absolutely adored momster (!), whom even Markos dubbed a “superstar.”

Though not a parent myself, I left the Mother Talkers Caucus with a renewed commitment to supporting the well-being of future generations — in whatever small ways I can — through public education, literacy and public libraries, single-payer health care for all, fair trade and livable wages, the welfare and safety of women and children, a cleaner and more protected environment, microfinancing for small businesses, the arts, and so on. You know, everything a good liberal stands for anyway.
Speaking of business, I was so inspired by YK06 that I’ve committed to organizing a panel on business from a progressive perspective for YK07. If anyone here is a business person, or is interested in this subject, please let me know.

While I’ve got your attention, here are some random things:

  • My DH Eric’s political photojournal Basetree. One of my favorite photos is “Peace Girl and World-Weary Boy,” from the April 5, 2003 Oakland peace march.

  • My essay on Cirque du Soleil show: Beatles ‘LOVE’, YearlyKos, and business (cross-posted at Street Prophets).

  • Al Gore’s An Inconvenient Truth is a must-see, despite its being a sophisticated ad for Apple. 😉 Gore is a great science teacher, but can you imagine today’s world if, in 2000, “moderate” Sandra Day O’Connor had swung the other way?

  • Did anyone catch that dreck Tuesday Night Book Club? Note to CBS: Unless you hire Marc Cherry, it’s probably not a good idea to remake Desperate Housewives in reality TV format. Just sayin’.

  • After YK06 was over — on the morning of Monday, June 12 — there were only a few notes left up on the bulletin board in the hallway of the Riviera Convention Center. Most were things like “Need a ride” or “Let’s make dinner plans.” But a few new notes had been posted:

Vote Lib + You Get Abortion

Abortion is Murder

On the same page, but in different handwriting:

Socialism is tyranny!

On an ACLU postcard, in Mr. Anti-Choicer’s handwriting:

NOT A-Clu-e

Wow, how brilliant! Instead of having the courage to confront us with these pearls of wisdom when over a thousand of us are actually there, it’s best to tack them up as anonymous notes to a sparsely posted bulletin board (with thumbtacks that we’d purchased, by the way), after the convention is over so that no one but the garbage men will see them. What will these brave soldiers of truth do next? Enlist in the military?

This concludes my first (and hopefully not only) diary. Thanks for taking the time to read this. I look forward to more discussions with you, as well as to YearlyKos ’07.

Best wishes,