A Much Needed Break: Some Celebrity Gossip

April 17, 2006

So I have had a lot on my plate: my mothering duties, moving into a new house (love it!), retaking the Chinese test I recently bombed (ah!), blogging and entertaining my out-of-town mom, grandma and great aunt. I had no choice but to ditch my serious reading for People Magazine and other trashy news. What did I find out?

Mandy Moore is kicking her parents out of her posh Los Angeles home, according to the New York Post. Apparently, there was no altercation. Moore, 22, simply wanted her privacy.

“So I had to have the awkward talk with them like, ‘I think it’s about time you guys moved back to Florida,’ which is where I grew up.

“Not only did they lose me, they lost my younger brother who was going to live with me as well, and stay in the house.

“They became homeless and empty-nesters at the same time.”

Wow, does that suck. Hopefully, she’ll cover at least the moving expenses…

On cue, Tom Cruise confirmed to Diane Sawyer that he and Katie Holmes are Scientologists and plan to raise their baby in the faith. He also said that they would adhere to “Scientology’s practice of quiet birth — described by Cruise as a means to ‘minimize talk and other noise inside the delivery room’ and ‘basically just respecting the mother.'”

Addressing speculation that such a practice would deny Holmes any pain medication should she require it, Cruise says: “She does what she’s gotta do. … If she needs medicine, she needs medicine.”

I like how he lays that on her. “Hey, I wouldn’t take any painkillers for childbirth. But if she ‘needs’ it…” Whatever, Tom.

Moving right along, another eccentric parent, Angelina Jolie, plans to give birth to her and Brad Pitt’s baby in Namibia. The South African nation’s governor confirmed the rumor and said the couple planned to give the baby a local name. An anonymous source told People the couple had a plane on standby in case they changed their minds.

I wonder if this will create some trend among uber-rich women, in which they have their babies in various exotic countries. Like, international adoption is, like, so passe…

Also joining the ranks of adoptive parenthood in Hollywood, Ewan McGregor (yum!) and his wife, a French production designer, adopted a 4-year-old girl from Mongolia.

Okay, eagerly awaiting my next issue of People