32 weeks and ill with anaemia

September 6, 2006

I had some morning sickness up to 16 weeks but this pregnancy is a breeze, or so I thought. Nothing prepared me for the sudden onset of illness a week last Saturday that ended up with me in hospital with a suspected blood clot on the lungs.
I had a shower and suddenly felt hot and sick and dizzy. My heart was pounding. I got out and sat on the floor for 20 mins. Got up and the same thing happened again. I wasn’t concerned as my midwife was coming for a home visit at 9am. Except she didn’t turn up. I tried to contact them but it was useless, no one knew where she was.

The next day it happened again. I ended up at the out of hours docs and he said the pulse was fast and to get an ECG at my GP’s on Tues (it was bank holiday monday here). I left a message for a midwife and one turned up. They took my bloods as I pointed out I was 31 weeks and no one had checked them since 12 weeks pregnant (here they are supposed to do them at 28 weeks too) as I “looked ok”. She did my bloods and told me to rest and see the GP on Tues.

Monday I felt ill all day and got to see the GP on Tues. He said it was unusual and would wait for bloods to come back. He said I had a heart mumour.

Weds the results were back the receptionist said they were fine. I was so annoyed as I couldn’t work out what was wrong then. I called back and asked for my GP to chat to me. She rang back at 6, listened to my symptoms and told me I had to go to hospital right away.

We went at 7pm and I had an ECG, chest x-ray and loads of blood tests. That’s when they said they thought it was a clot causing it all. I was a bit freaked out.

To cut a long story short. I stayed overnight and they decided it was anaemia. I had fallen from strong levels of 13.4 to just over 11 and that was enough to cause exhaustion, low BP and fast heart. They gave me iron and, finally, after nearly a week I’ve got some energy.

What we put ourselves through to have children – eh?