Saturday Open Thread

August 4, 2012

It’s the weekend, y’all!

Today we’re in San Diego for BIL’s wedding. Maya is the flower girl, DH is the best man, and I’m just along for the ride! The ceremony and reception will be held at the San Diego Zoo Safari Park. There will be animals present during cocktail hour. I am STOKED.

Also? Our construction is DONE!!! Yes, it took a smidge over three weeks but our contractor met his seemingly impossible deadline. We added a 275-square foot extension to our second floor (used to have vaulted ceilings over the living room). Maya has a brand new bedroom with an itty bitty walk-in closet, and DH has a tiny new office: all he needed was a desk, a chair, and a quiet place to take conference calls. He is very happy with his little cave (it has no windows, as he sacrificed an exterior wall so DD could have the closet. Is that a good Papi or what?).

Our master bathroom (they call them en suites in Canada – I learned that from watching HGTV  :lol:) was completely gutted. We have a new jacuzzi bathtub and travertine shower walls with glass tile accents. New porcelain tile floors to replace the ancient old carpet. Cherry vanities with marble countertops. The only glitch is that a vanity cabinet and mirror we ordered were damaged during shipping, so Home Depot had to reorder them for us and they won’t arrive until next week. So we’ve got half a bathroom, but I already love it.

And also, we got new carpets and baseboards throughout the house. They replaced the 17-year-old mess that was original to the house.

WHEW. I won’t lie, it was hard on us. Having strangers in our home day after day, plus the noise, the upheaval, and THE DUST. MY GAWD, THE DUST. I had to farm Alex out to my aunt every day for the past couple of weeks, and to my parents on the weekends, so he could take naps in peace and avoid the possibility of injury. But, we’re so lucky we could afford to to this, and we’re thrilled with the results.

And I hope NEVER to do it again, LOL.

If anyone is curious to see the results, I will post pics once all our decorating is done. Right now it’s a lot of bare walls and missing furniture. But it got done in time for family members to stay with us after BIL’s wedding, which was the initial goal. YAY!

What are you up to this weekend? Chat away!